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Showing & educating women how to embrace their power, & step into a leadership role so they can manifest the enchanting life of their dreams that is filled with passion and purpose. 

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Although there are more women in the world than men, there is a significant lack of women leadership in today’s world. Women are taught to be the caregivers, and to think of others before themselves. When women think of themselves, they are bullied & told they are selfish. The problem is how can women take care of others if they do not take care of themselves?

Miss Nikki, a spiritual entrepreneur Magickal Life Coach, assists women to discover and take their power back by emerging their Authentic Selves and establishing their spiritual magickal foundation. If you are tired of being forced to stay in the shadows due to family, friends, society, and self-doubt, you’re in the right place at the right time. Miss Nikki provides a safe sacred space for you to grow, release inhibitors, learn, step into your power, & emerge into your Authentic Self through your spirituality.


Let’s Be Real!

Manifesting your dreams is about believing in yourself, knowing your self-worth, & value! 

Subconsciously, you are allowing your Condition Self & others to force your Authentic Self to remain in the darkness, eventually fading out of existence.

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Magickal Manifestation is Serious Shadow Work that requires:

  • Knowing yourself at your core

  • Shifting your perspective

  • Developing yourself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so you can align yourself with Spirit

  • Discovering your life’s passion and purpose

  • Emerging your Authentic Self


Isn’t it time for you to step out of the shadows
to become the person Spirit meant for you to be?




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