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Image by Almos Bechtold
Are You Ready to Embrace The Power Of Your Own Magick?

Magick is our Powerful Ally!

Magick exists, lives, and breathes within all things. We are built and surrounded by its energy, connecting us to one another. It is a powerful force and ally combined with the spirit of living things influences the physical and spiritual worlds. It is the training and understanding of the “living spiritual vibration” of the roots, herbs, minerals, and bones allowing the conjurer to create, sustain, and stabilize complicated formulas intended to create changes in our lives. Conjure is an ancient practice that passes down the knowledge, wisdom, and experience one uses to create these formulas, applying them to life situations, and live life in alignment with spirit. 


At Moonlight Potions & Charms, we believe each person has the human right to step, embrace, and use their magickal power to create changes so they live the life they want. Established in 2019, Moonlight Potions & Charms continues to create and supply authentic handmade spiritual products, a variety of divination readings, consultations, and other magickal services to assist our customers to Embrace The Power Of Your Own Magick! 

Oya Incense Product