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Dream your dream. Your dream will dream of you.


"Well behaved women Rarely make history!"
- Marilyn Monroe


We all possess dreams, but few of us are willing to do what is necessary to manifest those dreams into reality. Most of people, especially women, allow their Condition Selves, excuses, life, family, society, & self-doubt to keep them in the cage they allow others’ to place them in. 

Life is short. The world is wide. Spirit wants us to be fearless as we experience life to the fullest! As we travel, we heal, learn, & overcome our obstacles as we become powerful, magickal women! 


Following some life experiences, Moonlight Potions & Charms was created to assist women with spiritual healing, obtain personal empowerment, discover their passion and purpose in this life, embrace the power of their own magick,  &  obtain peace and spiritual alignment. As a Magickal Life Coach, a female entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker, I understand and know what it is like to be stuck in your conditional self. I provide a sacred safe space for my students to dive deep into their magickal mysteries, work & heal old wounds, learn who they truly are, & develop their magickal spirituality so they can emerge as the powerful magickal leaders they are! I will be by their side as a guide & teacher to educate, inspire, & motivate them throughout their magickal journey! Every person is a soul, and each soul contains each own individual magic that should be shared with the world!


What sets me apart from the crowd?

My Core Beliefs:


        None of the photos of me are glamour shots or exotic locations

        Everything in my shop is created by me

        Brutal honesty with myself

Believe in open & honest communication

Walk your talk

Magick is everywhere & in everything

With persistence, will, self-confidence, & focus, you can do anything you set your mind to.

I will never ask you to do anything that I have not previously done or willing to do.


Fun Magickal Facts 
About Miss Nikki

Native North Carolinian

Executive Producer & Host of Witch Hat Chats

Founder & Head Ordained Phoenix (Priestess) of Evermoving We Rise

Motivation Speaker

Class Valedictorian of her MBS class

30+ Years of Magickal Practice & Experience

Magickal Background consists of European, American South (Appalachian), Native American, Asian magic, Hoodoo, Rootwork, & family ancestry

My favorite part is watching my students grow & discover their voice & power as they breakthrough & overcome their own self-limitations!

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