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Ancestor Holidays

Updated: May 1

Today is May the first or better known as Beltane in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, they are celebrating Samhain. Two magickal holidays that are complete opposites of each other, but at the same time, identical to each other in the cycle of life. Both represent beginnings and endings. Where there is a beginning, there was an end, and vice versa.

What most do not talk about is the thinning of the veil during this time of year. The thinning of the veil happens occurs more often than one time during the year. Think about it. If there is Samhain on one side of the world, the veil cannot be thin on just one side. It is to be thin throughout. The thinning of the veil is when our beloved love ones’ spirits or Ancestors can move back and forth between the worlds. It is a sacred time when we honor our Ancestors, and thank them for their sacrifice. It is something that we should do the entire year, but it is especially sacred during these two holidays.

When we talk about Ancestors, we are only talking about nine generations back. This is because generations beyond the nine have more likely either reincarnated or moved on to the next phase of existence. Nine is a magickal number as it represents the end of a cycle before the beginning of another cycle starts. It also represents the highest value as it is a cumulation of wisdom, knowledge, and experience. This is the perfect number for the Ancestors as they are a cumulation of wisdom, knowledge, and experience.

Why should we work with the Ancestors? They have an invested interest in you as you are their legacy. They live on in you. They want to make sure that you prosper and continue their line. They can help you enhance your magick and live the life you want. They want to help so why not use it?

You can start by honoring them, and the easiest way to honor them is creating an Ancestor Altar. Ancestor Altars can be small, medium, or large and are decorated any way you want. Most people have a shelf dedicated to their love one that are no longer with them decorated with their pictures. It can be as simple as lighting a candle in their honor, along with a picture(s) of an Ancestor(s). In addition, a bible and/or a cross should be placed on the altar as everyone has a relative that was Christian. The most important detail to remember when doing an Ancestor altar is that the altar is for them, not you. You can place food and/or drink that they liked when they were living, or simply place a bowl of water ; since, water is the foundation of life. If they were smokers, you can place cigars or cigarettes on the altar. If there was a particular figurine or jewelry piece that can go on the altar as well. Don’t forget the children who passed away. Make sure to place toys on the altar for them. Depending on their religious spiritual, and cultural beliefs, the altar cloth can be white, black, or multi-colored.

Moonlight Potions & Charms has several products to honor your Ancestors. For those of you who cannot keep an altar up or have limited space, The Ancestor Altar On The Go is a product for you. It comes in small, medium, and large, and contains everything you need to be able to make a wonderful altar for your Ancestors. Here is what K, a customer, said, “I really like my altar on the go. It’s exactly what I was looking for and it was really quickly shipping. I’m very happy with my purchase!” Our Ancestor Oil smells sweet. Another consumer, Angelica said, “Exceeded my expectations, packaged with love and smells amazing! Definitely recommend & buying again.” Then we have the Ancestor Prayer Candle that comes in two varieties: fixed and non-fixed. When the candle is fixed, it is laced with herbs and oils and prayed upon with specific intention.

To start, light a candle to them, and make an offering. If you cannot light a candle, use an LED light. Don’t ask for anything for at least a week. Just continue to make the offerings, and develop the relationship. They can contact you in many ways…through dreams, divination, whispers, etc.. Once you develop a strong relationship with them, they can help you in so many ways and take your magick to the next level.

I created an Ancestor Notebook in which I have all the names including birth and death dates and anything about the Ancestor listed in the book. I place it on my Ancestor altar. It comes in handy when I want to call a particular Ancestor. Below is a spell to create one.


1 notebook

1 black pen

Lavender and rosemary incense


In front of your Ancestor altar, light the incense. Make sure you open the windows so the room doesn’t become too smokey. Take the notebook and pen, and move it through the smoke. Visualize a white light going through the notebook and pen, cleansing it of any negative energies. Then place the notebook and pen on the altar. Make an offering, and ask your Ancestors to bless the notebook and pen. Leave it overnight. Afterwards, when you make an entry, make it in front of the altar.

Do not forget we do Ancestor Readings. Remember your Ancestors want to communicate with you as they want you to succeed as you are their legacy. Their message may surprise you. We do this through Zoom.

Good luck with your Ancestor altar! May you be successful in all your endeavors! Have a wonderful Beltane or Samhain!

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