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Creating Hecate Key Talisman

There is a difference between amulets, talismans, and lucky charms. Amulet is created for protection. Lucky charms are created for luck. Talismans are used to attract a specific benefit(s) to the owner. Make sure you know what your intention(s) are before you made the product. These are objects you want to keep with you at all times.

One of Hecate’s powerful symbols is the key. Keys are symbols of power as they represent beginnings, endings, lifting of obstacles, freedom, revealing of secrets, knowledge, authority, luck, and success. They represent unlimited possibilities and potential. Keys are everywhere. Keys cross all religious and spiritual beliefs. They evolved into entities that are beyond the physical into the spiritual, mental, and emotional. Passwords are considered keys. Although keys come in a variety of forms, the most common used key that is associated with Hecate is the skeleton key for it can open or lock any door. Hecate uses the key to unlock your mind so you can discover your Authentic Self.

Hecate’s Wheel symbol, also known as the Strophalos, dates back to 2300 B.C., and consists of three circles. It means whirling wheel (Constantinos, 2020). Strophalos means to turn or spin. It is not a labyrinth. The Strophalos is a connection to ancient knowledge and symbolic of the soul’s journey through life that is represented by a serpent maze with a fiery spinning wheel at the center surrounded by a circle border. It contains three spokes representing Hecate’s three-fold path. The symbol is used for manifestation, birth, and rebirth (Koura, 2014).

You can make a Hecate talisman using this key that contains the Strophalos on it. You will need the following: a candle to dedicate it to Hecate, a Strophalos key, Hecate oil, and some form of cleansing method like incense or Florida Water.

Make sure the object is physically clean before you start the process using Florida Water. Place your Hecate oil on the key. Light your Hecate Candle. While you are casting, imagine Hecate blessing and granting your request.


Goddess of life, death, transformation, and transition.

Queen of Witchcraft.

Goddess Hecate, this key I dedicate to you.

Upon it, bless and grant protection

Instill your knowledge and wisdom

Guide me to the opportunities I need on my path

So mote it be!

Blow upon the talisman with your breath because you want to instill a part of you in the object. Then place the talisman on your altar at least for a day. Afterwards, wear the talisman everywhere you go.


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