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Difference Between Wicca and Witchcraft

People must understand is Wicca and Witchcraft are not the same, and should not be used interchangeably. Although they do share some concepts, they are very different. Wicca is a fairly new religion started by Gerald Gardner, who introduced the religion in the 1950s. Witchcraft is a spiritual, lifestyle practice that is not a religion. As you will see, not all Wiccans are Witches and vice versa.

What is the difference between religion and a spiritual practice?

A religion is a specific set of organized beliefs & practices, usually shared by a community/group. It consists of a group with a defined truth. It is predefined as they have a predetermined institutional set of practices, deities, and beliefs. Religion is an in-group mentality as contains exclusive views, and isolating those who do not share these views that are usually based on some type of tradition, creed, ritual, or doctrine. Religion is usually based on some type of historical/archetypical figure. The core of any religion is faith and the acceptance of that faith unconditionally or what is known as blind faith. Religion beliefs do not always use love. Some religions use the Wraith of God or some form of external punishment creating a mental environment of worry and anxiety resulting in retribution or karmic punishment as it subtly influences your thoughts. It is considered to be a social network, and truth defined.

On the other hand, a spiritual practice is an individual practice containing a sense of purpose and peace. It is a way of life. It relates to the process of developing beliefs around the meaning of life & connection with others, without any set spiritual beliefs. It is freeform meaning there is no rules or referees that enforce or limit your freedom of beliefs resulting in connecting with something larger than yourself. It is based on the practical application of the founder’s teachings, and direct personal experience with divinity. Spiritual practice embraces open-mindedness as it does not contain a monopoly on truth. It discards fear and worry in approach to loving and compassionate approach to life. It is considered to be solitary as each person’s journey to truth discovery is extremely personal.

Wicca is a religion started by Gerald Gardner in 1954. Wicca combines elements in witchcraft, ceremonial magic, East philosophies, and other pagan rituals. There are many different versions of Wicca that were developed over the years. It is based on the principals of the three fold law and Wiccan Rede. Although there are many different documents, there is no one centralize document or book, like a bible, the religion goes by. Wiccans believe in both the God and Goddess. Their view God as an encompassing power containing both male and female archetypes, and are treated equally as it requires both for creation. Wicca relies heavily on ceremonial magic. Depending upon the tradition, there is a hierarchal structure in place as some to practice in groups.

Far older practice, Witchcraft precedes the Witch Trials of the 1600s, and its true origins are unknown. Although some Wiccans practice Witchcraft, Witchcraft, in itself, is not a religion. It is a spiritual, lifestyle practice that does not require specific deities, or encompass the Wiccan Rede or the 3 Fold Law. Witchcraft is an extremely personal, independent, limitless path. The manner that it is practiced is different depending on the practitioner. Witches are fearless as they do not place limits of any form upon themselves. They do and rely on their research as they face and overcome any fears that may arise. Witchcraft does not require ceremonial magic as many Witches believe that a Witch does not need any tools or ritualistic items to cast spells. They rely on intent, desire, symbolism, the power you place behind it, and the end results. Witches can practice with groups or alone. Witchcraft is about personal experiences with Spirit as they recognize and free themselves from any mental cages, they allow others to place them in. Practicing witchcraft is a self-explored path that does not require one to be part of any religious belief system in order to practice it. It also does not require anyone's approval of the way you practice it either. Witchcraft is not a weekend thing or hobby. It is a lifestyle; meaning, it is practiced all the time, and there is no separating magick from the mundane. There is no mundane because magick exists in everything, including you, and constantly surrounds you.

As you can see, Wicca is a religion, and Witchcraft is a spiritual practice. Some Wiccans practice Witchcraft, but not all Wiccans practice Witchcraft. These are only a few differences between Wicca and Witchcraft.

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