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Emulate Your Leaders

“You are the CEO of your life. You have the power to stage and compose it the way you want it to be.”

-Nethra Murali, Financial Analyst,

Boeing’s Commercial Aviation Finance Division

The Enchanted Map Oracle provides the soul journey card entitled “Follow the Leader. for our soulful reading. It is a reminder all lives are teaching tools for others. Our characteristics, like authenticity and honesty, are examples to those around us. We are called to lead by example.

Wisdom is the result of the bravery experiences you have had in your life. The talisman of wisdom forms through suffering. Growing and being in aligned with your spiritual path means you are in constant state of not being comfortable. Leaders acknowledge and understand this. They are used to being in a state of uncomfortableness.

This coronavirus 19 epidemic provides us with the opportunity to lead by example. Take responsibility by using social distancing, washing your hands, and staying at home. Call people to check on them, and remind them that although we are confined to our homes, we can still communicate and enjoy each other’s company without having to be physically present. Remind them to be grateful for what they do have, and help others when and where you can. Form a solid spiritual foundation, and we can surpass this.

In modern times, people are looking for leaders that they can learn from, but also someone who has been where they were. This requires you to divulge experiences from your past so others can relate and allow you to help them. Emulate the leaders you respect. Study their leadership style and apply it you your leadership abilities.

Follow the Leader’s number is 40. When you break 40 down (4 + 0), the result is 4. The number 4 resonates with the vibration and energy of power. My friend Devin Hunter’s book The Witch’s Book of Power, his personal definition of power is “a current of energy that can be utilized in magic, the ability to influence the world around me, and the ability to control a specific set of variables.” Leaders possess power to influence everything around them. The saying “With great power come great responsibility” (Amazing Fantasy Number 5 by Stan Lee) emerges. Leaders are servants. They think of others as well as themselves. Leaders realize influence is one of the most precious spiritual gifts one can be given. Shaping someone’s world is within itself not to be taken likely. Most parents understand this concept. This is why leaders come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Therefore, everyone contains within themselves a leader waiting to emerge.

With power also brings other characteristics like dependability, trustworthiness, transparency, loyalty, service, patience, determination, and endurance. Leaders focus on their goals and follow through with actions to accomplish stated goals as they build a foundation for the future. They rarely waste time because they realize time is of the essence, and a spiritual gift. Leaders understand you are only limited by your imagination. Imagination is what keeps us moving forward and growing. They are constantly looking for opportunities because they realize opportunities do not always present themselves in the matter we want to them to.

Leaders possess wonderful attitudes. They do not look at their failures as bad. They look at their failures as stepping stones containing opportunities to grow and learn from their mistakes. Leaders are hard and smart workers. They realize they too need a little R&R at times, and the ability to laugh at themselves.

Think about something that you want to accomplish – a new career, new business, new product, writing a story, etc. Write down what you want to accomplish. Think about why you want to accomplish this, and write this down. This is called the driving why. It will be the reasons you will use when what you want to be accomplished seems impossible or too much. The driving why is used to motivate yourself and align with your authentic self.

Write a specific action plan to accomplish this goal, and provide a deadline. Deadlines are very important because they make it real. Allow yourself a reward for accomplishing it. Remember persistence is how leaders accomplish their goals. Once you written the goal(s), go back, and make sure these goals are reasonable. You do not to make an unrealistic goal with an unrealistic deadline. After you make the necessary adjustments, light a candle to your Divine Being. Tell your Divine Being what you want to do and how you will accomplish it. Be specific.


“(Name of Divine Being), please align your blessings and energies to go in alignment with my goals. Bring them to life! Provide me with opportunities to accomplish this, and help me to see the opportunities you place in my soul’s path so I can emerge as the leader I was meant to be! It is done!”

Then thank your Divine Being. Remember gratitude provides shows your Divine Being that you appreciate what has been provided. Therefore, she/he/it will continue to provide for you. Review your goals every thirty days, and repeat the ritual after each review. In the review, make sure you tell your Divine Being what you have accomplished, and any obstacles that may be in your path.

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