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Light Your Imagination On Fire!

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

When we are young, our imagination is massive and unlimiting. As we grow older, we are told by society, family, and friends that imagination is for children, and is not used during our adult years. This is simply not true. Life as it is exists due to someone’s imagination. Think about it. Fifty years ago, so many everyday items, procedures, and behaviors did not exist. Computers, cell phones, social media, television, radio, cars, Internet, medications, and so much more did not exist. Items like cell phones and tablets were inspired by Gene Roddenberry’s imagination when he created the television series Star Trek, the first episode premiered on September 8, 1966. Why is imagination so important to our very existence?

What is imagination? Imagination is the “faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. It is the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful” (Oxford Languages). Imagination is the mental ability to take information, manipulate it, and create objects, events, ideas, sounds, smells, and stories that are not yet in existence. It starts out as creative symbols in the mind. Those symbols are created into something. Innovation bring that something displays it, and shows it to the world, creating change and moving the world forward. Imagination keeps us from being staggered. It teaches and keeps us growing into a better version of ourselves and the world around us. Life cannot exist without imagination.

A person is only limited by their imagination; for imagination itself contains no limits or boundaries. No human being knows this better than a child. A child sees the world with wonder, excitement, and boundless imagination. They can connect things in their minds that most adults would not have even thought of. Humans place limitations, not nature or the universe. As children grow up, society teaches them to limit themselves. Why do we do this? The reason is simple…..fear of change. In general, people do not want to change. Change is scary because it is unknown and unpredictable. People want to stay in their own little box. Imagination takes us out of the box causing change that results in moving society forward into the unknown.

One step in creating magic is our imagination. By limiting our imagination, we limit our magic. As magical beings, imagination is the foundation of how our magic is manifested. It is an essential key to the thought process that eventually leads to the execution of the spell. Imagination is the spark that lights the passionate fire within each one of us. That fire brings forth the joy of life and makes us want to experience it to the max. We want to share those experiences. Imagination helps you to embrace the power of your magic.

How can we keep our imagination alive? Have a conversation with your inner child. What is the inner child? The inner child is that part of you that likes to have fun, laughs, and enjoys childlike behavior. It enjoys playing, and looks at life with a fearless innocence. The inner child is full of wonder, and their imagination goes wild! It is the part of you that pure unconditional love emerges. Limits are non-existent.

Learn to laugh at yourself. As adults, we tend to take ourselves too seriously. We are so busy doing everyday things, and many of these things are tasks we do not want to do. We worry about things that are beyond our control. Many times, what we worry about never comes to pass. We basically punish ourselves before the worried event even happens, if it happens. We need to realize, and understand we are not perfect. We will make mistakes. This is part of the growing process. Learn to laugh at our mistakes, learn from them, and do our best not to repeat them. Smile more, and smell the roses from time to time.

Talk to a child. Ask the child what they want to be when they grow up, and why? Sit there, and dream with the child. Imagine looking through the child’s eyes at the topic you both are talking about. Help them develop their ideas and stimulate their creative process. Be open. Do not limit the child by saying him/her “That can’t be done” or “That’s impossible.”

Realize you are divine, and honor yourself. Place an item that represents the inner child on your altar. It must be an item that brings out the inner child every time you see it. This item must make you smile, laugh, and realize the world is full of unlimited possibilities. The inner child is the divine portion of you. This is where your magic comes from. Honor it, and dance to its own unique tune.


Create a music playlist full of music that will activate your inner child. It can consist of child songs, silly songs, or songs that bring back wonderful childhood memories. Go to a room you will not be disturbed. Light a candle that has a light upbeat smell. This smell will create your sacred space. Get in a comfortable position. Take a deep breath, and play the playlist. Look up as you close your eyes.

You are outdoors. The sun is shining. There is a light breeze. You feel the soft grass beneath your feet. Take a deep breath.

You look in the distance, and spot a group of trees formed in the shape of a circle. You walk inside that circle, and spot your child-self dancing and playing inside the circle. The child stops, looks at you, and puts out a hand motioning you to take it. Take a deep breath.

You take the child’s hand, and instantly, you are emerged inside the child’s imagination. What the imagination is showing you is up to the individual child as this is the child’s way of telling you what you need to know. The child will show you how to dance, sing, play, imagine unlimited possibilities, and not taking life so seriously. Spend time with the child. Learn to look through its eyes. Most importantly, have fun, and experience the wonder of the child! Take a deep breath.

When you are finished, touch the child’s hand again. You will be transported back to the circle. Thank the child. The child disappears. Take a deep breath, and open your eyes.

Journal on what happened during your meditation. Describe everything so you can visually imagine as if it was currently happening. What did the child do teach you today? Did you learn how to access your imagination, and embrace the power of your magic?

Remember American writer Henry David Thoreau wrote, “The world is but a canvas to the imagination.”

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