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The Art of Critical Thinking

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

- Albert Einstein

When our Souls return to this world, our Condition Selves, by default, are in control. The Condition Self is the part of you that does not want to change. As it is true that everyone thinks, the Condition Self’s thinking is out for oneself. It does not think of others, and often, it is full of flaws like prejudice, biased, uninformed, partial, and lacks creativity or critical thinking. Its thinking is the one of the followers and for oneself. It is the thinking that causes the problem, and never resolves it.

We are in a time in which critical thinking is so important for it enhances language, presentation skills, and life. Critical thinking allows us to create new inventions, resolve problems in the best manner for all, and builds relationships. Critical thinking is critical for without it our quality of life is dull, oppressive, and lacks magic and imagination. Critical thinkers are independent thinkers, and question everything so they can experience the answers for themselves. Magic requires critical thinking for we the magical beings are the changers of the world. We are the ones who manifest transformation, and encourage imagination so our world can prosper and benefit everyone. Therefore, the critical thinking emerges the Authentic Self, the transformer, evermoving forward.

What is critical thinking? According to the Oxford Dictionary, critical thinking is defined as “the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.” Critical thinking improves our thinking and helps us to gather important, relevant information so we can arrive at the best possible decision. It is our highest level of thinking for it combines logic and creativity. Critical thinking is on purpose because we are directing ourselves, maintaining self-discipline, establishing fairness, and correcting one’s own thoughts and actions. It allows us to be mindful and dig deep down to discover, understand, and know who we are. Critical thinking clarifies and jolts the mind so our magic manifestation can accomplish great things. It allows us to recognize that we possess faults, and the consequences for those actions if left unchecked. Critical thinking promotes open-mindedness, raises vital questions, and arrive at life changing solutions so we can better communicate with others and the world.

Critical thinking is an artform, and requires the following skills:

· Reflection and gathering information

· Analysis

· Creativity

· Structuring arguments

· Decision making

· Commitment

· Debate

Reflection requires us to take a hard look at the problem at hand. We must look at the what, how, and why of the entire situation. In other words, we must see the forest from the trees. We look for answers that exist deep beneath the surface. When we look, we must be the observers and obtain information without emotion. This way we can obtain valuable information that is not tainted. Reflection can be accomplished through meditation in its various forms, and research by asking others for their point-of-view and questions concerning the issue. Reflection also requires one to become comfortable being uncomfortable because the results of the reflection can be revolutionary, and be unexpected.

Analysis is the study of the issue at hand. It requires breaking down a complex idea or ideas into simple terms. The gathered information must be examined, understood, and explain to others. Alternative solutions will be evaluated against the solutions that one already knows.

Once the information is analyzed, creativity comes into play. Creativity generates new ideas and solutions to the matter at hand. It keeps one from being narrow minded and allows endless possibilities to emerge. It is where the inner child comes into play. The inner child is the source of magic and manifestation. Creativity allow thoughts to flow so solutions can form free of limitations.

Arguments are structured so the solutions have profound reasons behind them, and can be defended. They consist of a group of sentences. Each sentence is supporting the other. An argument discusses the problem, the causes of the problem, relationships, and solutions.

A decision is required. All decisions are made with emotion, and that includes decisions that are claimed to be made with logic. The emotion is present whether you can tell it or not. One must weigh the argument, and determine what the decision should be. Once that decision is made, one should commit oneself to that decision. The decision can be debated with others. Where merit is found, the decision can be adjusted, adapted, and/or dissolved entirely. Then, the process starts all over again.

Critical and creative thinking is where the Authentic Self lies. In order to be aligned with Spirit, our Authentic Selves must emerge. This requires people to experience a mindshift so critical and creative thinking can flow, Authentic Selves can grow, and magic can manifest to create a world that is better than the one we arrived in.

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