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The Fool-Free Man

Steve Jobs on Foolish

When April arrives, spring comes into being, and the Earth becomes alive again. April starts with the first, also known as April Fool’s Day. It’s the perfect way to start something new as we come out of our homes, and out into the world to dance under the stars. The feeling of Mother Earth under your feet as you dance to the drums feeling her heartbeat matching the rhythm of yours as it aligns you with spirit, and you are losing yourself to the music. Taking the fool to a whole new level and perspective as you Embrace the Power of Your Own Magick!

You can look at the fool in a few different ways. The fool can be looked at as a blank slate. An end to an old way of living. The close of a chapter of your life, and begin a new chapter or better yet….a new story. Where you can become the hero of your own story. A story where you can step into your Own Power and Embrace The Power Of Your Own Magick! How do you begin? The conjurer begins with cut and clear.

What is cut and clear? Cut and clear is a hoodoo/conjure magickal technique of cutting the away the negative cords/attachments to clear the way for more positive opportunities to occur. Cut and clear should be done any time when a relationship ends, a job ends, anything significant ends, breaking bad habits, or anything weighing us down that is no longer serving us needs to go. We need to let go of things that no longer serve us so we can move forward, learn new things, grow, and be in alignment with spirit. Letting things go unclouds our minds, clears our judgment, and allowing us to make better decisions. The symbolism on Moonlight Potions & Charms’ Cut & Clear labels points all this out. The black symbolizes the negative being cut away; while the orange and yellow symbolizes the sun rising for new, brighter, and better opportunities ahead. From conjure candles to baths, Moonlight Potions & Charms contains several products on cut and clear that can be used alone or in combination with other magickal items.

How do you use our Cut and Clear products? Our Cut & Clear Oil can be placed on candles for spellwork or worn on the skin. The aroma mixed with the senses, places you in the mood for magick, and cuts those nasty cords removing the unpleasantness away from you so you can move forward.

Our Cut & Clear Prayer Candle can be used alone or in combination with magickal spellwork. Worked correctly, the candle emits an amazing lemon scent and takes about seven days to burn completely down. As the candle is burning, repeating psalm 129:4 “But the Lord is good; he has cut me free from the ropes of the ungodly” nine times. Allow the candle the burn down.

Our Cut & Clear Bath Crystals (Bath Salts) is our special recipe bath made up of herbs, roots, bath salts, salts including seaweed salt, oils, and milk. You take this bath for 3 days between the hours of 12 and 6. You can either place the bath in the water or in a coffee filter wrapped with a rubber band if you don’t want the bath materials floating in the bath with you. You can use the coffee filter and wrap the rubber band around the shower head to allow the water to run through the bath before it hits you. You want to wash yourself from your head down. Allow the water to drain down the tub imagine everything leaving you. Towel dry and make sure you get all the dead skin cells off your body. If you feel thirsty, drink a glass of water.

Once the cut & clear is done, the world is open to new opportunities and adventures, and the fool is not worried about what one will encounter along the way. The fool is more of what Tayannah Lee McQuillar refers to as “The Free Man” in her tarot The Hoodoo Tarot. The Free Man is one that most people do not understand as this person goes for one’s dreams. This person is tired of hearing “someday” they will make their dreams come true; instead, ready to do it “today”. The Free Man is tired of being so restricted, and wants to be free. This person is tired of staying in the cage one allows family, friends, and society to place one in. The cage that tells them what kind of person one should be, and curses one for being something else. The Free Man grabs the key that floats just outside of the cage to free oneself.

So, the Free Man goes off the beaten path to make a path of one’s own. Some people look at it as being risky and foolish. This one has the mindset of opportunity to obtain the wisdom and knowledge through experience of following one’s passions and dreams wherever it may lead. This is where the Free Man and every great rootworker/conjurer meet. It takes great and unshakeable courage to have absolute faith in oneself and in one’s spirituality to follow their calling despite possible fallouts or consequences that may come as a result of the path one takes. The Free Man’s path is not an easy path to take. Since many do not understand the Free Man’s decision, and cannot make the same decision themselves, they will put the Free Man down, attempt make one feel guilty, and do everything they can to place one back into the cage. They don’t realize the numerous rewards one can experience when you free your mind from the cage, and the places it will take you physically, emotionally, and spiritually are unfathomable. Once you decide to go down the unbeaten down path, your mind ,and your magick will create things you never thought were even imaginable or possible before, and this time, you will believe you can accomplish it because in your mind’s eye it will be already done. The weight that you felt will be lift off your shoulders, and you will finally feel true freedom, a feeling that can only be experienced. Just imagine a feeling that cannot be described, only experienced? How refreshing that would be? How freeing that would be? If you never experience the feeling, imagine the wonder and the innocence you would be able to explore again to be able to go into a world that is frightening and new, but at the same time exciting as you can make your own guidelines or better yet, no guidelines at all! Guidelines limit our imaginations, which limit our magick, and therefore, place us back into the cage we originally freed ourselves from.


McQuillar associates the Free Man with jimsonweed, also known as moonflower, devil’s snare, thorn apple, and datura stramonium. Known as a poison, datura is not recommended for consumption as it a member of the nightshade family, and, at one time, considered to be part of the ingredients of witches flying ointment, also known as astral travel. Since jimsonweed can assist one with sleeping and dream walking, place some dried leaves and flowers in a small pouch under your pillow so one can astral travel, sleep better, and dream walk. I would not recommend doing all of those at one time. Remember intention is the key.

These beautiful plants open at night, and if not properly maintained can spread like wildfire as the plant is a vine. Since the blossoms open at night, moonflowers are known for spiritual enlightenment, and awaking of the soul. This is similar to what it is like once someone realizes their passion and lights it on fire. There is nothing like waking up in the morning looking forward to the day because you are living your passion, and not someone’s else. As it is associated with the moon, it can help you to reveal mysteries of yourself and others.

Jimsonweed is known for its hex breaking properties as it can be used to banish negative energies and remove fear. Sprinkling the dry leaves and blossoms along with a golden tiger’s eye in a red bag, and take it with you for courage. It’s an herb to stop caring of what others may think of you so you can be able to accomplish what you need to without allowing others to hold you back.

Moonflowers are associated with love, and spread a fragrance that represents beauty alluring that special someone. Used properly, this herb can be used for enchantment, allurement, and attraction of what you want.

In conclusion, don’t be afraid to be the fool/Free Man and live! For you never know where your passion, imagination, or your magick may lead you!


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