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The Incredible Shapeshifting Abilities of the Rabbit

With the arrival of the Spring Equinox (Ostara), the rabbit often makes its way into our minds and hearts. Blended in the theme of the Spring Equinox, the rabbit reminds us to examine and use what tools we have within ourselves, and emerge with reassurance and renewal in placing these tools into action as the soul intends to.

The Rabbit and the Hare

Is there a difference between rabbit and a hare? Although both belong to the same mammal family (Lagomorpha), the rabbit and a hare are members of two different species, and are different especially in appearance, behavior, and lifestyles. Rabbits are social creatures that are born hairless and blind resulting in utter dependence on their mothers. Hares (known as leverets) are born with fur, sight, and can move on their own in very little time. Rabbits’ fur stay the same color year long and are smaller than hares. With the exception of the Cotton Tail Rabbit, rabbits burrow underground for safety; while hares make nests above ground. The rabbit fits aligned with the themes of the Spring Equinox – emergence, rebirth, and renewal.


As a medicine, the rabbit travels and acts as a guide between the heavens, earth, and the underworld. The rabbit is quick, spontaneous, and unpredictable combining cleverness, awareness, and planning to shapeshift into action. When the rabbit hops into your life, you need to stop and take a deep look at your current circumstances. You must depend on your instincts. What do you need to do to continue forward moving with your soul’s passion and purpose?

The rabbit, along with mice, are the most common prey animals which is why the rabbit contains the power of fertility and sexuality. You may look at the rabbit as a victim, but do not. Rabbits are survivalists of personal transformation. Do you believe you are a victim? If so, stop now because only you can allow yourself to be a victim. As a victim, you turn your power over to another person, thing, or entity. You must not allow this to continue. It hinders your soul’s path and purpose. Rabbits can out wit and trick their predators. By obtaining your power, you can maneuver through this tower time and emerge into a being that is powerful and spiritually aligned to your soul’s purpose and passion.

The rabbit is also familiar with sacrifice. There are times we must make sacrifices in order to transform into the person our souls meant us to be. The sacrifices provide us with knowledge, blessings, and wisdom in placing into action what is necessary for us to shed and emerge into that powerful being with passion and purpose.

Rabbits are considered by many cultures as lucky and good fortune. The Chinese’s Zodiac states people born during the year of the Rabbit live long lives blessed with good fortune, beauty, and love. The rabbit’s instincts can be transferred to you and provide you with a method of moving forward with luck, planning, and strategy.

Rabbits are paradoxes. They are excellent creative thinkers and are used to contradictions. As such, they can teach you how to handle, maneuver, and unravel the paradoxes of your life.

Running With the Rabbits Meditation

This Rabbit meditation, I call Running With the Rabbits. Like my previous meditations, start by looking up as you close your eyes. This allows you to access your higher self easier. Begin by picturing a nice spring day that contains a light breeze with the smell of fresh flowers in the air.

To your right is a nice, fluffy bunny ready to be your guide. Your bunny guide is constantly surrounded by her or his friends and relatives. Your guide invites you to take a hopping trip with them. There are two conditions. One, you must contain an open mind. Two, you must transform into a rabbit. This transformation may not be pleasant as you shrink and your bones bending and breaking as you transform into a rabbit.

Once your transformation is complete, you are very aware of your surroundings. You feel vulnerable and the need for movement is immense! You look at your guide, and she or he begins to hop off. You follow your guide as it moves with great speed forward being aware of all the obstacles you are dodging.

You see this stone arch doorway. You watch and follow your guide through the door. This world is familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. You are filled with awe. You ask your guide, “What is this place?” Your guide replies, “Don’t you know? This is you. Come. We must hurry.” The guide hops off quickly, and you hop off after her or him.

As you travel, your current situation comes into view, and the rabbits suddenly stop. Your situation arrives from a point-of-view that you never considered before. You see the situation differently through each rabbits’ eyes. You discover what brought you here, and why. You witness the reliving of events until this overwhelming feeling of fear comes, and the rabbits run to hide. You follow your guide to a safe location. You see your predators emerge. From the rabbits’ point-of-view, you learn these predators are your fears and what is holding you back. You stay here for a period of several minutes learning all you can about the fears.

Your guide tells you, “This can change. You can outsmart these predators.” All the rabbits focus on you, and you have a telepathic conversation with them. You discuss with them what your opinions are, and how to place them into action. This may take a period of several minutes.

Once the knowledge is obtained, a strategy is formed. Your guide tells you, “It’s time to go back. We need to get through the door. Your predators cannot follow you once you are through the door.”

Your guide, the rabbits, and you start to hop running towards the door as the predators chase after you. Your guide, the rabbits, and you are smart because you are going to outwit them. The rabbits divide into several smaller groups, and a predator goes after each one. Your group continues towards the doorway. You are zip-zagging your hops, going under and over fallen tree limbs, going through grasses, and doing everything to outwit your main predator.

You see the stone arch doorway. With immense intention and speed, your group hops through the door. Once you are through, the door seals itself shut leaving the predator inside. You continue hopping back to your original destination.

Once you arrive and feel safe, you shapeshift back into a human being. The transformation is still unpleasant as your bones and skin grow and bend back into human form. You thank and give gratitude to your rabbit guide. The guide disappears, and you open your eyes.

How thrilling was that? What did the rabbit teach you about being alive and life? What did you learn about your current situation? What is the soul strategy you are going to immerse in your life?

Have a wonderful Spring Equinox! Keep making a difference in your life and the lives of others!

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