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Unexpected Visitors Come in All Forms

“If the career you chosen has some unexpected inconvenience, console yourself by reflecting that no career is without them.”

- Jane Fonda, American actress

The Enchanted Map Oracle provides us with our Soul Card Reading today entitled “Unexpected Visitors.” What Jane Fonda said about a career can also be said for life. Life is full of unexpected visitors! This is what makes life an adventure! You never truly know what is around the next corner, or what will happen in the next hour.

The number on the card is 41. 4 + 1 = 5. Five is constantly around us. We possess five fingers and five toes. There are five senses and five elements (Earth, Air, Wind, Water, and Fire). Five is very dynamic. The spiritual number 5 represents independence in both the mind and spirituality. Five is a risk taker, adventurer, and someone who is willing to change. Five possesses an unconditional demand for freedom in thought and action. This number possesses the ability to understand deep metaphysical teachings.

In this instance, five is unexpected visitors, which life is full of. Colette Barron-Reid states, “If you expect the unexpected, you’ll be prepared for miracles.” Opportunities are not always presented in a manner we would like. For instance, the Stay At Home orders allow people to catch up with friends and family, complete projects, catch up on their reading, and start online businesses. These are things they would not do or thought of if they were normally at work. This opportunity is not exactly what we wish for, but if you look at things in a different light, the opportunities flourish.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Harry Potter said to Hermione Granger, “Hermione, when have any of our plans actually worked? We plan, we get there, and all hell breaks lose.”

No matter how many times you rehearse, even the best and most detail of plans can unexpectedly go astray. Only Spirit can plan for synchronicity events to occur without any unexpected visitors. Unexpected visitors may be a part of what the plan needs. There are actions occur behind the scenes because you may not were meant to know. Depending on your mindset, these unexpected visitors can be champions of your entire plan.

The key to unexpected visitors is not to have pre-existing assumptions. Remember the only one you can control is you, not others. When we have pre-existing assumptions, we build up our hopes. When the pre-existing assumptions do not work out, this leads to disappointment, upset, and depression. If we expect the unexpected everyday, we do not have any pre-existing assumptions. Treat each day as a new adventure. Look to see the opportunities that allow your authentic self to emerge. Explore the opportunities that allow your spirit to grow and be in alignment with your Soul’s journey. You will find that the more you are walking on your Soul’s spiritual path, the less likely these unexpected visitors will upset you.


Look up as you close your eyes. Imagine your feet growing roots. Breathe in and breathe out. Continue your breathing as the roots grow and spread in the ground. Send out all your negative energy in the roots and allow the energy to melt in the Earth. See positive energy returning in its place, and allow it to replenish you. Breathe in and out.

You see a door. The design of the door is full of a repeated spiral design. You open the door, and walk through. You see a dirt path that is semi-smooth going down a hill. You follow it until you reach the end. You hear water running down a brook.

When you reach the end of the path, you see your Higher Self lying on a towel on the riverbank. You go and lay down beside your Higher Self. You ask your Higher Self questions like what is my view on unexpected visitors and why? What mindshifts do I need to take so I can view unexpected visitors as opportunities? How do I accomplish this? Continue to ask any additional questions you feel necessary for you to completely to understand your view on unexpected visitors.

When you have finished, thank your Higher Self. Walk back up the path. When you get to the door, open and walk through it. Pull your roots up back into the body. Open your eyes.

How do you feel about unexpected visitors now? How does this view help your authentic self to emerge? What mindshifts do you need to make in order for your authentic self to emerge and stay emerged?

The next time an unexpected visitor appears (when the broomstick falls), how is your authentic self going to handle it?

Continue to make a difference in your life and others! Have a fabulous day!

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