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Using Discernment In Healing

“Sound judgment, with discernment is the best of seers.”

- Euripides

Discernment is the topic of today’s healing card from the Kuan Yin Oracle. The card is called Sound the Source Flute. Discernment is the ability to judge.

Kuan Yin’s message is to accept all life, not judge. Remember challenges bring opportunity to grow and expand. The coronavirus 19 presents a challenge and an opportunity to practice discernment within one’s abilities, oneself, and one’s soul. Our discernment comes in play for our safety and health. In many countries and the United States, we are asked to distance ourselves from others, and take reasonable precautions – staying at home and social distancing- so we do not intentional spread the virus. It’s only when we come together (using precautions) we can face the problem, and be able to resolve it.

The card is number 29. If you add 2+9, it will equal 11. Break it down to 1+1 = 2. The number 2 in numerology means a person is supportive and any issues of intimacy and diplomacy are at work. These issues are being viewed from all viewpoints. Two is very aware of what the needs of others are as well as one’s own needs. Two is a duality meaning cooperation; understanding, tact, and teamwork come into play.

With technology, we do not have to be together physically in order to see each other. There are technological services (Zoom, Facetime, and Facebook) allows people to talk and see one another. For those who are not technologically suave, the old fashion telephone is use to communicate.

I understand the need for spiritual fulfillment. Using our discernment, we should understand that gathering in crowds is not wise. As a reverend, I understand the need the “look after one’s flock”. If your clergy member insists on continuing to meet in person, then you really need to reconsider your church and clergy leader. No Divine entity wants someone to risk getting sick, dying, and spreading the virus to others. We are fortunate to have the technological advancements to be able to talk to millions of people without leaving our homes. Use your discernment to find other and creative ways of fulfilling your soul’s needs. I can think of many methods to accomplish this:

  • Meditation

  • Lighting a candle

  • Praying

  • Performing a ritual

  • Talking to your clergy member using precautions

  • Go and sit in your yard

Kuan Yin guides us on a path to choose experience that provides the most joyful, uplifting, and helpful while being in alignment with our soul’s journey. Discernment is necessary in all realms – spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental. In your perception, maintain truth and clarity so it shatters illusion, and arrives at the heart of the truth of the matter. As your powers and abilities grow, listen to your heart, and be without fear. Trust your own vision.

In a journal, write down what you are grateful for. We must always be grateful for what we have because not everyone has the same good fortunes as others do. It also shows spirit you appreciate what you have received, and are not a spoiled child.

In the journal, continue to write three deepest spiritual desires. All desires that go in alignment with one’s soul’s journey are spiritual desires like starting your own business. Write down the goals you need to accomplish them and an action plan to place into immediate action. Then give yourself verbal permission to make these desires true. Forgive yourself for not acting up these desires sooner.


“Bring my creative life forth to create the life experiences needed, and shatter illusion so my discernment holds true! (Devine being), help me make the best choices for my spiritual desires, bless them, and manifest! It is done!”

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