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What Hell Really Is

“You talked about hell as if you’re born and raised there.”

- Mark Gungar, American Pastor

When someone tells me, “You’re going to hell!”, I grin and laugh because all my life, people have told me I was going to hell. As a child, when I liked or smiled at a boy, I was going to hell. When I move to Quebec, Canada, I was going to hell. When I moved to California, I was going to hell. When I was getting a divorce, I was going to hell. When I have a difference of opinion or viewpoint, I’m going to hell. If I had a dime for every time I was told that I was going to hell, I would be the richest person in the world!

What is hell? According to mythology and lore, hell is a spiritual realm that evil spirits are sent to as a form of punishment so they can be tortured for their misdeeds for all eternity. It seems a little harsh punishment for a crush, moving out the country, across the county, getting someone negative out of your life, or having a difference of opinion.

What is hell like? Some say its extremely cold. Others say, its extremely hot. If you live near the earth’s equator like Egypt, it is extremely hot because Egypt is mostly desert. If you live near the earth’s poles like Iceland, it is extremely cold. One can tell that from the name of the country. Are those places hell? No. They are not.

Hell is really a form of control, a mental cage. It is a control mechanism used to force one to behave according to a set of rules and regulations of the organization, institution, or person who is using the mechanism. Hell is a mindset that limits and destroys you from the inside out. The amazing thing about hell is, it starts out as one simple thought in the mind. From there, (without realizing it) you expand it to your whole life. Think about that for a moment. How many times have you stopped doing or starting something because you believed or was told that you were going to hell? The Condition Self uses this mechanism all the time, especially for those who do not have a solid, stable spiritual foundation. This mechanism is used to especially to control women. How many times are women told that they must obey their husbands, fathers, or brothers, otherwise they are going to hell? The real location of hell is in the mind. Your perspective determines your reality. If you truly believe you are in hell, then your mind will do everything it can to prove you right.

When the Authentic Self emerges, there will be people, who surround you, that will tell you anything they have to so your Authentic Self does not emerge. Remember…it is about them, not you. This is their Condition Self talking. They are seeing that you are growing, and they fear that you will outgrow them. So, they will sick that hell mental cage upon you to stop you from became the person you are meant to be. This is human nature because humans do not want to change. They will do anything to stop it.

What can you do to get out of the hell cage? Realize that it is only in your mind. Hell is a dangerous illusion. Separate yourself from your traumas, and deal with them. Remember these traumas have already occurred, and you are not going through them now. Look at your traumas as if you are watching television, without emotion. Do your shadow work, heal, and forgive yourself. Deep down, we all blame ourselves for putting ourselves in that situation. Destroy all of the ‘what ifs’ you may have about the trauma. Look at your trauma as an opportunity to learn and grow. Determine what your triggers are, and develop techniques you can use to stop them from occurring. Do not apologize or feel guilty about taking care of yourself. For if you do not take care of yourself, no one is going to take care of you. Besides, you do not want to hand over your power to another. You have done too much of that already. Remember you are the master of your ship, and as such, take control of the steering wheel! Take pride and believe in yourself! It is not easy, but it is well worth the journey!

Think about those who surround you. If they do not support you, cut them from your life. People will come and go in and out of your life, and that is ok. That is what is meant to happen. Not everyone that comes in your life is meant to stay in it. Remember that when people go out of your life, they have served their purpose.

Now that I provided you with your ‘Get out of Hell’ for free card, go and pursue your dreams! Have fun doing it!

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