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The Janus Complex Workshop


In Roman mythology, the God Janus is the God of opposites – beginnings & endings, decision & indecision, and stagnation & change. As such, he is depicted with two faces looking in opposite directions.

As creatures full of opposites, Janus resides within each one of us as the condition and authentic self. It is this entity that affects our decisions on our well-being and spiritual alignment. When trauma comes into play, many times those decisions are not decided from clear thought, but from fear. It keeps us from growing as spiritual beings, and can cut us off from everyone.

In this three day workshop, you’ll learn:


How the Janus Complex affects our minds, and can trick us in staying stagnate.

The Spirituality of the Soul, and

what being spiritually aligned means.

Image by Seyedeh Hamideh Kazemi

Why it is necessary to retrieve the soul for healing,

and begin to move forward.

Image by petr sidorov

Once you complete this workshop:

Image by Liam Burnett-Blue

You’ll have techniques where you can handle, learn, and move on from past traumas.

You can look back at these events without emotion, and be in a world where you love who you are, being yourself, and being aligned with your spiritual path.

Image by Amy Treasure

What People Are Saying!

Passion, Love, and Knowledge

"I truly appreciated the opportunity to receive your teaching of Janus Complex. I'd not heard of this before and found it extremely informative and thought provoking. Your teaching of the information was received from heartspace. I could genuinely feel your passion and connections with the knowledge."

- Christy Cobb

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