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Soulful Living Program


The Soulful Life Program

For those who want to live a Soulful Living for the Passionate Person, The Soulful Life Program is for you! This 3 month program is designed to break down your conditional self, question your beliefs, discover what is holding you back, deep soul searching to find your passion and purpose, and step into your authentic self while being in alignment with your soul's journey. As a result, you will come out feeling empowered and confident in your spirituality, passion, and purpose.

3 Month Transformation 

Program Consist of

6 modules

  1. Behind the Curtain

  2. Shining Light on Your Enslavement

  3. Unearth Your Spirituality

  4. Emancipation From Your Past

  5. Rejuvenate With Spirit

  6. Step Into Your Authentic Self

Module 1:
Behind the Curtain

  • Discover who you actually are!

  • What are the Condition Self and Authentic Self?

  • How does the Janus Complex fit in?

  • How can I be brutally honest with myself?

Module 2:
Shining Light on Your Enslavement!

  • What are your beliefs about yourself?

  • What are you beliefs about money?

  • What are your beliefs about life?

  • Why do you believe them?

  • Did you choose these beliefs?

  • Did somebody told you to believe them?

Module 3:
Unearth Your Spirituality

  • What is your spirituality?

  • Why do you belief those beliefs?

  • Do they align with your wants and dreams in life?

  • Dig deep to look for confirmation!  

  • Discover what your soul’s journey is!

Module 4:
Emancipation From the Past

  • Stop trying to please people,

  • Destroy dependency addiction,

  • Look at the Past Without Emotion,

  • Forgiveness

  • Break the Cycle!

Module 5:

Rejuvenate Your Spirit

  • What is the Soul?

  • What is soul loss?

  • Revitalize your soul with soul retrieval. 

  • Using spirit, manifest your magic in the world!

  • Provide your soul with nutriment.

Module 6:
Step Into Your Authentic Self

  • Develop a vision board.

  •  Continue the art of accomplishing goals. 

  • Kick the Janus Complex.

  •  Maintain your authentic self. 

  • Step into a life with passion, purpose, and spiritual alignment with your soul’s journey.

Sign Up Bonus

Support and guidance to develop your strategy,

and then break it down into goals you wish

to accomplish

within 90 days.

1 Accountability call

per month

to ensure you

are on track and

reaching your 90 goals. 

1 Personal growth and transformation call

per month

to guide you during your transformation as you dig deep to discover your passion, life’s purpose, and commit to your spirituality.

1 Soul Retrieval

session with


One 30 minute

Personal Coaching phone call with Nikki, you can use anytime during the 3 month program.

The Laughing Soul Community – A community of Passionate People living a Soulful Living!

Receive daily support from Nikki and the community. 

Receive instant confidence and courage.

Total Package $400


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