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A weekly show, Nikki applies her magickal spin and laughter discussing topics concerning Pagans ranging magical techniques, our Spirituality, and people in our community.

 Nikki Kirby

(Also Known as Solaris)


A leader in several communities,  Nikki is the Founder and Temple Head of the Evermoving We Rise, a license minister. She organized the 2020 Authentic Leadership Conference, and continues to work as a Spiritual Holistic Coach. She  spreads her light, knowledge, and experience in her teachings and motivational speeches. Nikki is the Founder and President of The Laughing Soul Holistic Center and Moonlight Potions and Charms. 

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Miss Nikki

Saul Ravencraft


With a unique perspective on the metaphysical, Saul set out to prove it wasn’t true, then went way down the rabbit hole. Since he crossed the threshold from pessimist to practitioner, he has dived into divination, ritual magick, and paranormal phenomena. Saul helps curious seekers explore these realms with psychic parties, seance parties, and his entertainment programs. Saul enjoys helping fellow seekers to find their own paths through private readings, and personal coaching.

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Guests Hosts


March 7, 2021


Nikki and Saul chat about the spring holiday Ostara. We chat about the themes, spell, animals, and so much more!

Lindsey Rainwater

February 14, 2021


Lindsey Rainwater is the Mistress of SigilCraft & Higher Self Integration! She specializes in Angel Channeling & Dream Interpretation!

Madame Zee

February 21, 2021


Madame Zee is the High Priestess of the Magick Mastery Academy! She hosted the Madame Zee Festival, and coaches witches to get in touch with their inner power!

Ellen Evert Hopman

February 28, 2021


Ellen Evert Hopman is a renowned author and Druid. She specializes in health & herbs. She has written several books including The Sacred Herbs of Spring! 

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